… One million people … were pushed from the north of the Gaza Strip towards the south

… The south, however, has not been spared from bombardment

… pregnant women, people with disabilities, the sick and the wounded, are unable to move

… They live in appalling, unsanitary conditions, with limited food and water, sleeping on the floor without mattresses, or outside, in the open

… Hunger and despair are turning into anger against the international community

… 70 per cent of those reported killed are children and women

… 3,200 children were killed in Gaza in just three weeks

… surpasses the number of children killed annually across the world’s conflict zones since 2019

… This cannot be “collateral damage.”

… Churches, mosques, hospitals, and UNRWA facilities, including those sheltering displaced people, have not been spared

… whilst seeking safety in places protected by international humanitarian law

… The current siege imposed on Gaza is collective punishment

… Medicine is running out

… Food and water are running out

… I lost 64 colleagues [ UNRWA ] in just over three weeks

… 2 hours ago. Samir, Head of Security and Safety [ UNRWA ] in the middle region was killed with his wife and eight children

… My UNRWA colleagues are the only glimmer of hope for the entire Gaza Strip

… a ray of light as humanity sinks into its darkest hour

… But they are running out of fuel, out of water, out of food and medicine

… will soon be unable to operate

… Gaza has over 2 million people, half of them children

… trapped in a war they have nothing to do with!

… They feel the world is equating all of them to Hamas

… The atrocities of Hamas do not absolve the State of Israel from its obligations under International Humanitarian Law

… This is not an option; it is an obligation

… Civilians must be protected, hostages released, and a genuine humanitarian response facilitated

… The present and future of Palestinians and Israelis depend on it

… Before it’s too late